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thelibertine 11th October 2006 12:07 PM

you tube im going bald
hey dave i saw your you tube video,ya know ya dont hve to just accept that you are going bald,get on propecia to keep what you have and minoxidil to regrow,plus after a year or so of treatment youd be a great hair transplant candidate.

of course that is if you can be bothered,if not then more power to you

but really if ya prepared to work at it youll never have to go bald

try and

both great sites

anyways hope you dont mind me passing this info on

peace n love

Dave 13th October 2006 01:52 PM

That was fast - I didn't really expect to get a response to that video. Thanks!

Going bald does suck. I have to admit I've considered treatment but in the end I can't justify spending money on my vanity which could be spent on better providing for my family. So that's it really... no hair for me.

Guest 27th October 2006 02:36 AM

It was pretty funny though - the hairdresser gag was a scream. Yes, baldness sucks, but guess what - the treatments suck too. You got your priorities about right.

Dave 1st January 2007 12:12 PM

Cheers - I think so too :)

Paul 7th April 2007 02:22 AM

My response
You don't have to be so down and out about it - you're a good looking guy and have a family, you could be much worse off!

In terms of treatment, all I can say is educate yourself. It's empowering.

You won't get ripped off, and in the case of prioritizing your money...I respect that you're putting your family first, but you can reduce your expenses if you know how. Again, it's about educating yourself.

The drug Propecia is available in a generic form called Proscar. It's identical, except that instead of a 1mg dose it comes in a 5mg dose. Just cut it into quarters (it won't be exact, but it doesn't need to be) and you're set - instead of spending $70AUD a month on 30 tablets, you can spend $90 on 30 tablets that will last you FOUR months! (30 / 4 pieces = 120 tablets).

Think about it, $90AUD for 4 months isn't that bad! Surely you can afford it.

Anyway good luck with it all, and...cheer up!

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