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Dave 3rd April 2006 09:56 PM

Gareth Morgan
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Gareth Morgan is a well-known New Zealand economic consultant and father of Sam Morgan, founder of This week Gareth pocketed $47million from the sale of trademe.

Incredibly, Gareth has decided to donate the entire bag of cash to charity. Yep, he got $47 MILLION dollars and he's giving it all away.

Gareth appeared on 3News tonight to explain himself. I won't paraphrase because I won't do him justice but he gave a very eloquent interview about working with money rather than working for money.

Gareth Morgan is a hero. Personally, I have some ideological differences and I've disagreed with him on many occasions but I'll say it again.... Gareth Morgan is a hero. This is the sort of person we should be showing our kids and saying "This is what a hero looks like".

Instead we idolize young, stupid sports players who get into fights and avoid convictions using back-room deals. Don't get me wrong, not all rugby players are bad and I enjoy rugby as much as the next guy, but why is it that we have no standards when it comes to choosing heros? Sure, All Blacks are talented people and make us proud, but exactly how "heroic" are they? Let's face it, they do pretty well out of their deals. I wonder how many of them would give up $47MILL?

Tonight when I went to do my fact-checking before publishing this blog entry, I couldn't find a single news reference to Gareth's generosity. Plenty of headlines about sporting prowess, not one single mention of what Gareth has done.

We need to be more selective about our heros. Let's start looking up to people who deserve it.

BTW, if you want a good read, visit Gareth Morgan's website:

The picture of Gareth below was stolen from his website without any permission whatsover.

Dave 4th April 2006 11:31 AM

To be fair to the news media, there is some mention of it on most news websites today. A bit slow but they got there in the end.

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