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DrYes 8th February 2007 02:00 AM

The underlying reasons?
Dave, I just noticed your forum here.

This overplayed incident wasn't so much about obtaining cash and publicity through an act of dubious opportunism. People who crave undue attention are generally self-absorbed, and consequently have little to contribute constructively to any kind of relationship; all of this can inevitably be traced back to a deep seated insecurity. Look beneath the veneer, the social and legal protocols, the established operating mechanics, of a society, and you see the underlying elements that make it tick… the interrelating psyches of its constituent beings.

Ms Lewis took her bikini to the game, hence her escapade was carefully premeditated. So why would a woman have her breasts enhanced, flaunt herself in front of a national rugby audience, and then milk the incident for all of the publicity that it's worth? Very simply because she craves to be noticed, to be admired by men, and envied by women. Society, backed relentlessly by the media, has arbitrarily decided that wealth, shameless bravado, and sex appeal are the most valuable and desirable of all human qualities, and the masses willingly give their unthinking assent.

Insecurity is a two-way street: much of the criticism leveled at Ms Lewis was likely sour grapes. Folk who envy her audacity and immodesty, and the celebrity status that she obtained; women who envy her cosmetically enhanced body; guys who are frustrated because, in the ethereal contest for sexual subjugation, she remains unattainably elusive. For most of us, at least to a greater or lesser degree, life incorporates a desperate quest to overcome our darkest inhibitions and insecurities, and when we compare ourselves with others who seem to be succeeding better than we are in this area, our self-esteems take further damage.

Perhaps the greatest liberation is to reach the point where you don't give a toss about what others might be thinking about you; where, because of personal goals and achievements, maturity of outlook, and genuine extroversion, the focus dissipates from self, and you simply go about your life with a quiet inner confidence. Publicity or acclaim become a totally unnecessary luxury, because you truly believe in yourself, and this further frees you from measuring yourself by societal values. The elite few of us, who attain something approaching this level of freedom and detachment, live happy and productive lives, and are in a position to likewise contribute unselfishly and constructively to the lives of others.

Hopefully getting there…
Dr Yes


Originally Posted by Dave (Post 235)
BTW Lisa, after your escapades it's a bit rich complaining that your past has been put in the public spotlight. If you want to keep your past private, don't seek any more publicity. Then you and me will both be happy :)

I recall that Princess Diana frequently whined about a lack of privacy, while continually placing herself in situations where escalating publicity was inevitable. Was this extreme naivete, or were her complaints shrewdly feigned, and actually calculated at further fanning the flames of her celebrity cult? I suspect a similar question be reasonably asked here?

Colin 28th April 2007 09:19 AM

Streak and strip start the same and mean "nothing"
Lisa Lews did not streak. She ran in a bikini. She could have done some running down at the beach but that wouldnt be much of a challenge, I guess. Her actions were obviously a stunt. But it was not streaking. The newspapers misused the word, Lisa misused the word, anyone who says running in a bikini is streaking is barely understanding how the word is commonly used. Still, Lisa is good looking, and should be an interesting person to talk to, I reckon.

News Caster 1st May 2007 01:18 AM

Lisa Lewis relaunch strip career
After complaining to the Waikato Times about Miss Bikini Comp being rigged and full of skanky slappers because she didnt win everyone was amazed Lisa Lewis turned up to the next event and put on a strip show that had everyone in the crowd shaking their heads in disgust. And the rest of the competitors sat laughing when no one wanted to help her take off her pants. Maybe instead of using bikini comps to re launch her stripping career the name Show Girls springs to mind although at her age the place around the corner is probably a little darker, it will save her a bit of money on the already extensive plastic surgery she has had

Daz 18th May 2007 02:56 PM

Are you just dissapointed your not getting all the attention these days Dave...poor widdle fullah

nubs 18th May 2007 05:25 PM

How much did she get for said bikini in the auction? Ta very muchly PS I don't plan to do that stunt! lmao :-D

Adam from Hamilton 1st January 2008 02:59 PM

Why Judge
As you know Lisa Lewis is a human being like the rest,Who gave YOU the right to judge others for there actions,Now the person that is complaining should take a good look at there reason they are being a instigator to destroy other peoples name due to run partly naked across a field,I have seen Lisa in Action as a professional stripper and dancer and shes a good person to talk with as well,The old saying if you got it then flaunt it....Here ask your self this question "complainer" Do you like Lisa,Has she at some time did some thing to offend you or is it you fancy her!!!

Ask your self that, Im sure if you look deep inside your self.Also announcing that you would dare bring personal info on people on to the net as a threat I would consider you to be dangerous and Im sure the Privacy Act would cover Lisa Lewis private life....

So just move on and stop being a pain.


Annoyed 21st April 2008 09:16 PM

From Hamilton
lisa lewis when im your age i wish to be NOTHING like you. All you wanted was attention and you got it but not in a good way im sorry.

Cheifs Supporter 5th May 2008 02:05 AM

Matt Got Pwned!!!!!

Originally Posted by Matt (Post 764)
The law you refer to only covers crimes as defined in the Crimes Act 1961 statute.

Streaking is a minor offence and is not covered by that act therefore the restriction on profiting does not apply in this case.

A word of advice matt, get over it. Life is unfair and unless you are still living in a dream world you learn this very young. Another important lesson in life is the that beautiful people get away with stuff others wouldn't and thats life.


Dave 5th May 2008 04:22 PM

Thread Closed
Sorry, I'm going to have to close this thread. Lisa is back in the news again (literally this time) and I've had another upsurge in related traffic. Unfortunately most of the messages people have tried to post are just plain nasty and at all constructive.

I stand my my criticism of Lisa Lewis for interrupting a test match - I think it was a cheap, ingenious stunt that negatively impacted on a lot of people just so Lisa could get some attention. Poor form indeed.

However a lot of people are trying to post messages that are really only insults about Lisa's heritage and intelligence. These don't add to the discussion in any meaningful way, they only distract from the real issues.

Lisa's "big break" into television is centered entirely around the fact that she takes her clothes off. I think we all know exactly what that says about her and her fans. Let's just leave it at that.

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