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Dave 30th March 2006 10:07 PM

$100,000 Beneficiaries
Everyone is complaining that the Government is going to hand out money to people who don't need it. Families earning $100,000 will apprently be eligible for family assistance.

Stupid? Of course it is.

But who started it? As I recall Labour was not a fan of handouts to wealthy people until it was forced into adopting this tactic before the last election. National championed tax refunds to middle-class New Zealanders, and these days $100,000 is middle-class. The electorate said "yes please, we'll take tax refunds rather than worry about the health or education system" so Labour got on the bandwagon. Of course they couldn't use the same taglines as national so they called the refunds "Working for Families", but it still means the Government gives you back some of the tax you paid. A tax refund by any other name smells just as sweet.

I don't blame either party, they are just doing what we want. We wanted the Goverment to give money to people who don't need it, and that's what they are doing.

Here's a novel idea... next election we could say "Hold off on the tax refunds until the health and education systems are back on their feet". How many of you are with me? Anyone?

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