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Dave 2nd August 2006 12:10 PM

NZ In 20 Years
Campbell Live had quite an interesting program last night about what New Zealand will be like in the future. They talked a lot about sustainability, which of course is the biggest issue facing all of us if we want a decent future for our kids.

Unfortunately they missed an opportunity to get specific. This is something that bugs me about these debates - they talk a lot about how "we need to create a more sustainable future" and everyone at home thinks "hmmm, yes that's right" while they continue eating their fast food meal from disposable containers.

What we need is for these debates to be specific and relevant. We need calls to action. It's no good making vague worrying noises about sustainability without saying exactly what that means for the people watching. John Campbell and others need to look viewers in the eye and tell them what they need to do.

Most of all, they need to make it clear that people at home need to do something. Too many people think that building a sustainable future should be handled by politicians. Not so - it's up to you and me.

A few quick examples....

Recycle more.
Learn what your local council is doing to promote sustainability. Hassle them to do better.
Don't buy your kids too many toys. Don't support fast-food outlets that give away disposable toys.
Think carefully about the packaging of products you buy. Buy in bulk, with minimal packaging.
Tell shop attendants that you don't need a plastic bag.

These ideas are not new, and yet they are still not part of our everyday way of thinking. We need to realise that it's us who need to change.

Dave 3rd August 2006 09:45 PM

.... and the very next night I see a news story about bananas being sold in individual plastic bags :eek:

For goodness sake people, resist this insanity!!

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