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april dolkar 20th February 2006 12:02 AM

website shading of image of moon phase incorrect
YOUR WEBSITE IS INCORRECT! i am looking at the moon right now, 12:01 am in dunedin, and the moon's phase, ie the direction from which the light is shining is exactly the opposite than the image on your website. this is very misleading, and i have been checking it on nights when it has been cloudy.
it should be shaded from the left side of your drawing, not the right.

please correct this, so your image is as one sees it in the sky. thank you, not the opposite.

not tellin 20th September 2006 05:24 PM

No Homework!!!!
Man(or lady)who cares if it's incorrect im just looking for answer's to homework, miss wont know!!!! >:(

Dave 22nd September 2006 12:14 PM

Unfortunately I seem to have lost the rest of the messages in this thread when I upgraded this forum software (it made a meal of the database). They may still be here in another thread, but in essence we had an argument and I pointed out that the moon phase indicator is not intended to show the moon as it appears to the eye. The way I present the moon phases is the same as the NZ Met Service and all the newspapers I've found so that's good enough for me. In any case I put a note on the page clarifying this.

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