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Dave 20th April 2006 10:28 PM

This afternoon I was phoned by a lawyer who was trying to contact the new owner of a website I sold last year. Apparently there's something defamatory on the site and the lawyer wants to sue someone over it.

Of course most rational people would prefer to sort the matter out like adults but that option hadn't occurred to the lawyer.

Anyway, the new owner's phone has been disconnected and she has not yet answered the lawyer's email. Since my name is listed as the technical contact (the site is still on my server), the lawyer figured the next best thing would be to sue me. This is akin to reading something defamatory in a newspaper and, being unable to find the editor within a few hours, trying to sue the ink-setter instead.

My last word to the lawyer was "Have you ever wondered why no-one likes lawyers?"

nic 20th April 2006 11:20 PM

in defence of lawyers ...
how would you sort it out like an adult with someone whose phone had been disconnected and who didn't return your email?

Dave 21st April 2006 02:41 AM

Hi nic, thanks for the reply.

I should have clarified... The email was only sent a few hours previously so I don't think the owner had been given a fair chance to respond.

I also suggested that the lawyer could contact the owner via PM on the site's forum. "Oh I don't want to do that" she replied. To be honest I don't think she understood what I meant but I didn't get a chance to explain before the threats began.

There are several ways we could have approached this problem without getting all litigious. I tried to be helpful but I got the pricker when she scoffed at my suggestion and threatened to sue me.

A suspicious person might think she was trying to avoid a speedy or amicable resolution.

BTW, I'm not down on all lawyers. It's a shame when this sort of thing happens - it really doesn't help their reputation :(

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