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Dave 29th August 2007 05:06 PM

Sex convictions drop below 50 per cent
According to this story, alleged sex offenders now have more than 50% chance of getting off. It has been suggested that "law changes might be needed to make it easier to convict alleged sex offenders".

Overall the article promotes the fear that sex offenders are "getting away with it" more often.

Well, that's one way of looking at it. Another possibility might be that we are seeing an alarming increase in false allegations that are quite rightly dismissed by the courts. Not once did the story above address that possibility.

I have previously mentioned how I was once falsely accused of rape, hence my wish that the incidence of false accusations will one day get some media coverage. Any media coverage. Please someone, point out that a lot of men are falsely accused of sexual misconduct and have their lives ruined as a result.

[Edit: Please note that I said possibility. I did not say that this is what is happening, I said it's another possibility. The point is that we need to analyse these statistics correctly to understand what they are telling us. If there are in fact more false accusations being made, then that's an issue that should be addressed.]

Tina 29th August 2007 10:13 PM

Are men really falsely accused of sexual misconduct? Or is there marely two sides of a story with two interpretations of the same facts? There is violent rape and other kinds of sexual misconduct, which I think are two different things. I'm ready to accept that there may be women that will stoop so low as to make false accusations, but I think that the majority of all these cases never even see the light of day and furthermore, those that do, are very hard proof-vice. The burden of proof needen't always be so heavy. But on the other hand, there are crazy people out there, and someone always stumbles on to one. Seems there is no solution.

During my boring life of some 30+ years, I have been three times in a situation that has been either just threatning or involved some form of sexual abuse. A ride home once ended up in the middle of woods where this man expected to have sex in return (talked myself out of that), another time, letting a guy use my loo ended up me being grabbed by the waist and whisked on the bed with some 80 kg of muscle following (talked him into a "hand-job"), and one time after condoning to have sex and wanting it, it still didn't mean an ok for perverted acts without protection (resulting in having to be tested for STD's and threatning to call the police in order to get him to back off).
Never reported any of these men, I thought it was my own fault leading them on, but in the end I didn't do anything to deserve to be treated this way and somehow I think these guys never understood they did something wrong. The 80 kg of muscle even thought that he would be hearing from me and apparently did not understand that I only offered the hand-job to save myself from being raped.

keith fitzwater 28th October 2007 11:21 PM

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Keith Fitzwater 6th February 2008 02:31 PM

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