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Dave 25th May 2006 02:25 PM

Telecon Ad
I've posted a copy of the Telecon ad on my Funny Videos page - go there and have a look.

Telecom might get a bit upset by this and if they threaten legal action I'll consider removing it. I know they have asked YouTube to remove it from their site. As far as I'm aware it's still available on Google Video (Google probably understands copyright better and isn't as intimidated by Telecom).

But here's the thing:Telecom has, by their own admission, been deceiving us into paying higher prices. What is the greater crime - someone making a parody of their ad, or what Telecom did in the first place?

I've published this video because I think it's important to stand up to these corporates who justify theft in the name of good business practice.

Telecom is ripping us off and they have admitted it. They are liars and cheats. I dare Theresa Gattung to look me in the face and tell me I'm the one doing something unfair.

Bruce McCulloch 30th May 2006 09:12 PM

Well done Dave.

Freedom of expression is number one priority.

I am a Telecom customer and have not consider changing. Like the one bill and everything.

But if they bully you let me know, and they will lose another customer.



Roberto 5th June 2006 08:40 PM

HAHAHAHA thats great!
Great one luckly they havn't shut your website down for having it.

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