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Marcos Mamede 21st April 2005 08:30 AM

Change print settings using Javascript

I read the post "Change print settings using Javascript" on Media College and i saw that Rajesh didn't send the javascript to control printer settings on IE.

Well, bellow you can see the answer using ScriptX, an Active X produced by Meadroid Company.

This component is recommended on article and its page is

It has paid advanced options and free basic options.

In your HTML Page you have to put this:

function myPrint(frame) {

factory.printing.leftMargin = 1.0;

factory.printing.topMargin = 1.0;

factory.printing.rightMargin = 1.0;

factory.printing.bottomMargin = 1.0;

factory.printing.portrait = false;

factory.printing.Print(false, frame); // print without prompt

And, remember, put file into your application directory.

Best regards and i'm sorry if i made a mistake in english.

Marcos Mamede
Brazilian .NET Programmer

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