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terry mc man 17th July 2006 03:51 PM

text bullying
well to me text bullying is like a really stupid because we are all humans and we all have feeling eitheir this this will affect the person by gettikng bullied or the person will do something that will eitheir be losing there lives and leaving their families lives devistated

alicia 21st July 2006 03:55 PM

hey Aana

Originally Posted by Aana Teka
Hi. My Names Aana Teka. I am the sister of Alex Teka who took her life due to txt bullying.
First of all i just want to thank all of you have actually discussed the issue, most people just look at it and shrug it off. But I think its something we need to address.
Secondly, Clint thanks for acknowledging Alex. I read it at the end of your messege and i nearly cried.
People are Dying, and Alex isnt the first to take her own life. And people dont do anything about it, probably becasue they have done it themselves and have people who they keep on their phone that they like to txt bully.. or they keep their numbers so that other people can have them. Its a cruel world and I dont understand it.
Alex turned 13 a few weekends ago and it was the hardest thing. She hadnt even made it to a teenager yet.
Life goes on though aye.
Thanks for reading.
C ya.

i know how you feel.
the other day my best mate toke her life. we were like sisters.
im realy sorry about what youve been going thro. no one should go though so much pain. it shouldnt be happening.

loopy louis 5th September 2006 02:50 PM

un happy
i have had allot of troubble with all of this bullying. good by.

alyssaofauckland 12th September 2006 11:48 AM

hey im so sorry for your sisters brothers and friends. i reakon the world is a really sucky place to be, if people think the only way out is death. i almost commited suicide, years ago. im just glad that i had friends who told people and i got help. im doing every thing i can up here in the north shore to make people aware of cyber bullying. sees ya.

Gera-cee 14th September 2006 01:08 PM

hay everi 1,listen here
I go 2 putaruru college 2, its not all bad ok, i hav a friend hu started our school just a while ago, she was terified 2 com here, but now shes got so many fwends. people hav 2 relise dat its alexs and johns choice 2 commit it ok, so be nice 2 our school

deanna, corey and sandra 19th September 2006 10:33 AM

i agree
hey guys we so agree with that!
some one has got there own rights to be what they want to be and should be able to have a good child hood i was alexs best friend and knows how t feels to lose some one... we all must have felt similar at some point... clint is right and ppl are dieing every where! mainly ppl who take there own lives from bulling straight to a bad day at home!!
it sad how this is effeting ppl and should b addressed b4 it gets to out of hand!

AnNoNmOuS 23rd September 2006 06:12 PM

tHe sKoOlS UsLeSs
I KnOw tHaT TeAcHeRS tRY ThEiR HaRdEst To tEaCh bUt MoSt tEaChErS jUsT CaNnOt hAnDlE Us. We RuLe ThE SkOol..ItS A BaD THiNg noT A GoOd 1 eItHer..TeAcHeRs DoNt rEaLlY TeAcH uS I ThInK ThaT ThEY JuSt dOnT CaRE..
wE CaN Do WhAt EvEr wE WaNt wEnEvEr wE WaNt..
THE SCHOOL CANNOT HANDLE US!! StDeNtS SmOkE WeEd SmOkE tAbBaCo GeT DrUuNK I MeAn hoW UsLeEs Is ThAT??? iTs bAsIcLi AhL The mAoRiS..No oFfEnC I Am 1... wE B BaD An dNt gEt In2 tRUbL 4 It.. We dOnT LiStEn aNd qUiEt FaNkLeY WedOnT GIvE A F***

Dave 23rd September 2006 09:33 PM

Sorry dudes, time to close this thread. I've deleted a few posts as well.

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