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Since I posted the entry above, an unprecedented email campaign has been launched to spread the information contained in the pamphlet. According to one poll, 30% of New Zealanders believe they know what the information is and this will continue to rise quickly. I think it's fair to say that anyone who cares to know what the information is will be able to find it.

This raises several questions:

(1) If more than half of all New Zealanders are prepared to get involved in this campaign of civil disobedience (which is what it amounts to) then maybe they are saying they don't agree with the current law. For better or worse we live in a democracy, and if most people feel that a particular law is an ass then perhaps the Government should take note.

(2) I'm not sure why the information in this case is still suppressed. I stand by my assertion that it was the right thing to do during the trial, but I don't see why it's necessary any more.

(3) By continuing to suppress this information, the courts are handing control of the information to people who are not accountable. For example, I've already seen copies of the original pamphlet which have been altered or embellished. How are people to know which facts are real? What's to stop people making up new information and spreading it via email?

I think it's time to lift the suppression order and give control of the information flow back to accountable news media. They may be far from perfect but at least they are accountable and the public can have some measure of confidence in the information they provide.
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