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Originally Posted by BigD
Do you understand 'patterns of behaviour' ?
Yes. As a registered psychiatric nurse I spent a lot of time dealing in patterns of behaviour.

Originally Posted by BigD
Do you know what logic is ?
Yes. I studied logic at university. Unfortunately I never finished my logic papers but I have kept a keen interest in logic and critical thinking.

There are some logical conclusions which can be made based on patterns of behaviour, but I'm afraid there is no logical process which would allow a jury to use the first of these cases as reliable, relevant evidence in the second.

One of the pitfalls of our judicial system (or more accurately, the way we tend to judge people) is that we are swayed by facts which are not directly relevant, especially in cases which are highly emotive. Court cases need to be won and lost on evidence, not patterns. We could learn so much from CSI .

BTW, I would like to clarify something: I do not know whether these people are innocent or guilty, but we have a system known as "innocent until proven guilty". Until you can prove that someone is guilty you can't convict them.
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