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Re: when I saw your post on webbbs...

Thanks Lynne. I'm still using WebBBS on a couple of sites including this one (actually I'm naughty - this one is still 4.3). But for the more serious boards WebBBS isn't cutting it any more.

I'm actually undecided about The Race Cafe. I'm not sure if phpbb is the best choice there. I've been looking at vBulletin which looks quite good. I might look at UBB as well.

As an aside, I'm quite pleased I've been able to import my WebBBS forums into a phpbb database. I wasn't expecting to be able to do that but there were several other people doing it over at as well.

I'm quite upset about dumping WebBBS. That was my first serious script and it got me started in this whole business. And when I think of the hours I've put into mods... oh dear.

I don't know if I'll be back at the Webscripts forums again. I'll certainly keep an eye on them but I haven't been participating for a long time and it seems a bit pointless now.

I'm sorry I lost contact with you, Rainer and the others during the other forum project. I must have missed something because when I went back to Tarty's forum it was gone. What happened to that project?

I see your forum is humming along nicely. I really must come and have a good look around your site.

And as for Start Trek, well, a better show has never been made

Thanks again for your comments (and I still remember the Neopets thing). Hope all is well with you.