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Petra Paignton and Amber Ruve Skye
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I have just heard this news an hour ago. Myself and Amy (aka Ruve, to some) are stunned at this awful news, and wish we'd had known earlier as we would have attended Shaun's funeral.

Ruve and I worked with Shaun in Hamilton at Trac's, and we have very fond memories of him. He was a magnanimous and exuberant guy, and will be deeply missed. Our hearts go out to his family.

We would like to contribute some stories and memories of Shaun for your memorial, Dave, if that is okay with you.

I'm gutted. I'm really having trouble believing this...

As John Donne wrote in one of his Elegies,
"Language thou art too narrow and too weak
To ease us now, great sorrows cannot speak..."

Farewell, Shaun.