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Leo McIntyre
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Great site Dave!

This is a cool site, it's nice to read some honest commentary without an overblown sense of self-importance driving it, and I find I agree with almost everything you have to say. I've joined your seti@home group, because I was looking for something that represents what I see as representing the NZ and the world I would like to see. Having looked for teams in NZ to join, I was really put off by one of the other options, one guy has posted a pic of a man who was obviously born with Downs Syndrome, as his personal icon, with the caption "I CNA MAEK TOAST!" clearly he thinks that's funny. So it was with considerable relief that I discovered your group, and your website was a delight! This is one of the best things about the 'net people having the freedom to communicate about their views and offering opportunities for feedback. Well done you!