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This site is very well done.

I read an article, done strictly in parody, of the hoax moon landing subject and I decided to research. I looked around the internet and saw what people had to say and it didn't take long that I found a forum linking me to your site, specifically the section about the hoax.

I like to read conspiracy theories on just about anything and what I like even more is to read people tear down the very foundation of the "evidence" of these theories. I think your site is one of the most well written and to the point sites I've seen for this on any subject.

Another good site that's been in my bookmarks for a while is one on the Kennedy Assassination at When I got into this site I hadn't really developed an opinion on the subject, the most thought I had put into it was during a short one day class discussion back in my sophmore year of High School. Our teacher didn't express an opinion of what he felt on the matter and so I had no biased views to rely on for my own opinion. When the assassination finally intrigued me I went to that site and became a firm believer of the lone gunman theory. Single bullet or two shots both theories hold stronger evidence of possibility than any other theory based on speculation, in my belief.

This site had a similar impression on me. I have no doubt in my mind that the moon landing did happen. I was always pretty sure because if we did fake the moon landing why would we fake it 6 more times? Who would NASA be trying to impress after the first few? Your site fully convinced me regardless of the other landing that the first one happened, end of story.

If I could only find a site like this dedicated to the most irritating conspiracy of them all. The 9/11 Pentagon conspiracy. It will always amaze me that if one person has a conspiracy then few will believe them and if another person has the same conspiracy people will still doubt it. If both the ones with the conspiracy start to qoute each other then people will fall by the hordes into the webs of the conspiracy no matter how credible either of the persons are.

Thanks for time and for the work put into this site, I guess I could have summed the message up by restating the subject but it's good day for dragging things out.