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New Zealand Sky Satellite

New Zealand's Sky TV is off the air today due to a problem with their satellite. According to Sky, the problem was caused by yesterday's solar eclipse which meant the satellite's batteries were depleted. They are saying that the batteries will need to be recharged before service can be restored.

Now I'm not an expert but I am something of a space enthusiast. For the life of me I can't see how the eclipse could have caused this problem. For starters, the satellite is in a geosynchronous orbit, which means it gets pretty much the same amount of daylight and shadow that we get here in New Zealand. The solar eclipse lasted just a few minutes so it couldn't possibly have had that much effect.

I'm also not convinced that the shadow of the eclipse would even have passed over the satellite at all. The eclipse was a very long way from us.

Sounds like a very dodgy explanation to me. I'm considering writing to Sky after this has blown over and asking for more details.
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