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New Zealand The Behaviour of Politicians

So the Speaker of The House (the Hon Margaret Wilson) wants to improve the image of Parliament by preventing news coverage of politicians behaving like children.

Here's a novel idea Margaret.... Forget about the cameras and instruct the politicians to behave like grown-ups.

And what's with "ejecting" as a form of punishment? That's sort of like kicking a child out of class and telling them to go downtown - it doesn't seem much like a punishment to me. Let's hit them in the pockets with a hefty fine, or prevent them from voting on the next bill. I bet the party leaders would start thinking seriously about the behaviour of their crew if it meant losing a few votes.

This doesn't seem like rocket science. Everyone I talk to is sick to death of the behaviour of these people. It's pathetic. I say to all politicians who think it's just part of political life to hurl insults at each other.... GROW UP and start setting an example. At the moment you are embarrassing us as a nation.
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