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It's now Saturday, the day after Shaun's funeral. It was a great service and Shaun is at rest in a beautiful country cemetery at Silverdale (North Auckland).

I'd personally like to thank everyone involved in the day, especially all our good friends who supported each other in this time of grief.

One thing that took me by surprise yesterday was the number of people who had visited this website and seen my message about Shaun. Since search engines are a big part of my business these days it was particularly stupid of me not to realise that since Tuesday my message was the most relevant Google result for "Shaun Joyce". I'm really sorry to all of those people who came here looking for information about Shaun - if I had been more on the ball I would have done better.

Anyway, I hope I can help make up for this oversight in another way. I'm very keen to collect material from people who knew Shaun such as stories, memories, photos, relevant poems.... whatever. I still need to speak to Shaun's family about what exactly we're going to do with this collection but ideas include an online memorial and/or printed remembrance book. If anyone would like to contribute anything at all I'd love to hear from you.

Watch this space for an update on this project.