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allie curtin
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Angry mark inglis

mark inglis did the right thing. he put his life first before that david guy. if david was already dieing then there is no point saving him, especially when he has taken all his equipment off. david would of frozen to death aniway in a few hours. there is no need to make bad commints on mark inglis.

Thanks allie curtin

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
A team of climbers including double-amputee Mark Inglis passed a dying climber on Mount Everest and decided to leave him there to die. Not surprisingly this decision has generated some flak.

On one hand....

Few of us watching from our armchairs are well-equipped to judge this situation.
Mark says he had to put his own life first, and helping the climber would have been a futile and dangerous gesture.
Apparently the dying climber was not properly equipped. If so, it's not fair going into such a dangerous environment and expecting others to risk their lives bailing you out.

On the other hand....

Sir Edmund Hillary says he should have helped, and Sir Ed is probably qualified to comment.
Helping other people is something good people do, even if it does seem futile.
Mark's feat will always be marred by this incident. Finding the climber was always going to spoil a successful climb. A double-amputee trying to rescue a dying climber would have made a far more heroic story than simply reaching the summit. Mark might have made more history for himself if he had tried, even if it was in vain.

A very tricky and tragic situation. I'm not going to pass judgement.