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Exclamation who are we to judge?

As it was said before.. so easy for journalists sitting comfortably in their chairs in NY or wherever to give their opinion about could have or should have been done on Everest that day..
Have they ever tried climbing a moutain except to get a sun-tan during their hollidays skiing in a nice resort?

I just read an article on explorers web..trying to lynch Russell.. saying he is a bully and so on and so forth.. that he can't be trusted etc...
Well .. it seems to me that the guy was pretty affected too by the loss of his sherpa and by the loss of David Sharp..
A bully ?? maybe ? but hey.. charisma is what is saving clients lives up there ..
Of courses they paid so they want to get to the summit even against the leader's and sherpas's advices..So yes, being a bully in these circumstances is definitly a good thing.. because if i am afraid of having my ass kicked.. well... i listen twice and I obey!
And what if he really wants to keep this side of the moutanin for his business and avoid having a bunch of amators opening just next to him and having their clients get killed under his nose?

Back to Mark.. i am sure it was absolutly possible for him to save the poor guy : he could have carried him down on his back after so many hours climbing and trying to descend..(well.. after all who said that 2 missing legs were a problem?) Just rememeber the first part of the documentary with this poor Indian guy who almost died and how "easy" it was to get him down from a much much lower altitude...
He could have given more oxygen.. and died himself .. so at least they would have died together and .. well.. two dead bodies (or three as the sherpa was helping too giving his oxygen)are better than just one don't you think?
He could have called for the airforce.. but ooh yes, no animal nor aircraft can get up there...

What puzzles me is why is there only a polemic about Discovery Channel's expedition members?? Why don't the media accuse by name the long list of 40 climbers and sherpas who passed close to this poor soul?
Well.. it seems to me that it is the best way to sell some paper.. exactly what was reproached to Mark and his fellow climbers.
And what uses it is to accuse anyone? Is there anybody qualified to make an investigation about deaths at these altitudes? who knows exactly the facts and circumstances, the speed of the wind, the heartbeat of the climber? The number of red cells in their blood, the amount of owygen left in their tank,their altitude sickness state at that exact moment?
Why is there no mention of the guys team-mates?? And what difference would have it done? (hem.. by the way, one of his teammate died just after he summit himself too.. so that makes 2 dead bodies for one team coming down from the summit and no dead body for Russell's team... stange...)

People going there know they can die and they pay big bucks for it.. THAT puzzles me and i don't understand this kind of passion.. and that's what it is still called the last big adventure on earth..

As for David Sharp.. let me pay him my respects and give his familly my sincere condoleances..
I am sad to know that the stupid medias trying to sell papers saying that your son could have been easily saved ar adding to your suffuring..

Shame on the everest indeed.. but on those who want to sell a story from a nice office chair !

(and sorry if my indignation kept you reading that long)