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Hans Krugger
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Thumbs down Mark Inglis

I have been climbing for 30 years. There is a long standing tradition and ethical code of helping those in trouble - even if it costs you the summit. Time and time again, climbers who had a shot at a summit have abandoned it to help others in need. I find it remarkable that Inglis depended upon help from so many others himself. As Inglis stated: "He wasn't a member of our expedition, he was a member of another, far less professional one"....what a hero...

Inglis is an ego freak and self-promoting profiteer. He SHOULD be remembered for what he chose to do on Everest. Climbing reveals who we really are...Inglis had hoped to used limping up the hill as a basis to make money...a horrible motive. I pity the man. He represents the worst in mountaineering.

Hillary on the other hand represents the best in mountaineering. Hillary will be remembered for his kind nature, generosity, compassion and humility. Sir Ed made the world a better place. Inglis just demonstrated how selfish a human can be.