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Doing whats in the best interest of the child

As a mother currently in a custody battle, i often sympathize with fathers out there trying hard to give there child the best but fighting a battle with an ex who has unresolved realtionship issues, that manifest in using the children as a pawn in a revenge game. Not all mothers have been difficult to deal with allowing access to the children, i have struggled endlessly constantly giving the father of our son the arrangements that suit him, everyday i drive across town to drop my son off for two hours with his dad drive back home and trek back again when the times up, just in time to get work afterward, he spends every weekend from friday morning till sunday evening with him. My concerns only come from my ex's constant drug use and wasnt until i got a chance to see inside his house that the concern grew, i found that my son was sleeping in a bare damp room at the back of the house sleeping in a portacot with only a single blanket in the same room my ex had a marjuana crop growing, ther was drug utensils and open packets of pills and other related items in an unlocked cupboard easily accessed by my son in the kitchen, and people frequenting the house to do deals, unfortunatly i have no right to stop these access arrangements informally made outta court, so to give my son a stable envoironment free of all these evils i have to battle it away in court along side the fathers and never for a minute believing i have the upper hand cos im the mother cos at the end of the day its whats best for the child not the parents