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Newbie to the wonderful world of child support...

Hi there,

I have just recieved my second child support bill? in the mail. It is $450 per month for a child that I have never seen or been able to see. The boy in question was born 3 years ago yet the child support demands only emerged last month through the IRD.

Imagine the following circumstances….
- As a horny 19 year old I met a cute girl of 24.
- We hooked up and she told me she was on the pill and refused to use condoms.
- It turns out that she miscarried twins three weeks prior to meeting me.
- She lived with her divorced, alcoholic mother and the 5 year old son of her sister who is in prison for GBH.
- She fell pregnant.
- She told me all she wanted was a child and would not abort.
- Said that she wanted never to hear from me again and not to try and “find” her.
- I dealt with this by considering myself a sperm donor and got on with my life.
- 3 years on and the child support bill comes through and I have no idea where my son is and how to contact her and why suddenly I have to pay even though she “never wanted to hear from me or see me again.” I had considered a relationship with the child but she refused me this and I had to get over it and carry on…

I feel like I was tricked into giving her a child and she manipulated me when (as I said) I was nothing more than a horny young man, drunk on the attention that she gave me. Now I feel that I am paying to support her and whatever habits she has…and have got nothing in return except for a lousy shag.

Do I have any options? I’d really appreciate someone to talk to about this as I have just paid them and put them out of my mind and it’s killing me inside.

If someone knows how to post this, please feel free to do it where is may get read and notify me by email :

Thank You