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Do not use the services of a lawyer

I am 2008 Family Court Vintage. Orders made against me and barring my four children from having a decent relationship with their father.
It is so beccause Womens Refuge in a drive to get funding (2m)from government
manifactured 37% increase in domestic violence for this year. They use dirty tactics to frighten women. My wife gave up and after some counselling now she is convinced that beeing protected is the right thing. Our family has been destroyed by Women's Refuge with the judicial help of the Family Court.

---Represent your self. Save your money. Your battle will be lost and the your lawyer knows that. It is embedded in the law.

---Counsel For Child is your first ennemy. She is the second lawyer to your wife and has zero regards for the intersests of your children. Do the opposite of her advice.

---Use the Family Court Services. You will be punished for it.

--- Do not do any silly(violent thing) The family Court proceedings are designed to engineer the violent man in you.

--- If you see Tourists stabbed in the streets know we are rippoing the benefits of the familu ourts.