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Originally Posted by LISA LEWIS
If My Actions Angers You So Much, You Must Have Know Like You State In Your Blog That Your Name Comes Up In A Search. So Then You Must Have Surely Known That If You Used My Name In Your Blog - It Would Attract More Viewers.
Not sure what your point is here. I do know that my websites get most of their traffic via search engines, so I expected to get visitors who search for your name. Are you saying that this gives you more publicity? If so, I disagree because I'm not actually making any more people search for your name - I'm only providing a landing point for those who are already searching.

BTW, I also know that most people who have been thrust into the news search for their own name to see what people are saying about them. Many people I talk about in my blog read my comments, which is good - it gives them a fair chance to reply.

Originally Posted by LISA LEWIS
May I Also Point Out That Dave Was The Name Of The First Fake Buyer... Dave_walters_nz...
Not sure what your point is here either.

Originally Posted by LISA LEWIS
Thirdly I Am Happy So I Wish You Luck In Finding Your Own Happiness Dave And Ticking Off Your List Dave!
Happiness is good. Please just don't try making yourself happy by doing selfish things that annoy other people - that's not good.
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