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Im being bullied

Im not sure how old this thread is or if anyone will see this but since Friday I have been text bullied. I have no idea what to do, I'm well out of high school but the things that are being said are nasty and are really getting to me. All I want to know is who it is and why they are doing this to me. They have said that my unborn child is going to die soon followed by haha bitch. Im so embarrassed because Im old enough to know not to let it get to me but it has and Im actually really scared. I can see how it could cause someone to take the next step. I don't know this person and they won't tell me who they are. They know my name, my husbands name and other personal info (although not a lot) but won't tell me why they are doing this to me. Just calling me horrible names. I feel so helpless, worst thing is it's a work phone they are texting and I can't change the number. Im too embarrassed to tell anyone.