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rebecca bright
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re; clint houston im sorry mate bout your troubles we feel 4 you and know your pain

As i read the comments from a student telling us about some of the nonsence that goes on. I am so upset for these students who try to do well and are constantly picked on and humiliated .I am a mum of a ten year old girl we live in a country area of christchurch and similarily have had the same problems that young clint has advised us of, my daughter started getting bullied not long after starting school here 12 mths ago.My daughter is above her age in almost every subject we have never as a family had issues with how we look or try to out do anyone in fashion but the hairy truth out there is that if you are not thin georgous trendy or rich you just wont be able to fit in .In my duughters case she is smart beautiful and just happens to be from a family of bigger chilren who happen to thin out once puberty hits. naturally weight has never been an issue for us but have been blatently been told by teachers to put my ten year old on a diet and the bulling will stop once she loses weight .I rufuse to accept this and have made arrangments to move.What the hell is going on in our teachers heads.Some of the things they say should be outlawed.Wake up newzealand pull your head in will ya...........