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Aana Teka
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Exclamation Text Bullying

Hi. My Names Aana Teka. I am the sister of Alex Teka who took her life due to txt bullying.
First of all i just want to thank all of you have actually discussed the issue, most people just look at it and shrug it off. But I think its something we need to address.
Secondly, Clint thanks for acknowledging Alex. I read it at the end of your messege and i nearly cried.
People are Dying, and Alex isnt the first to take her own life. And people dont do anything about it, probably becasue they have done it themselves and have people who they keep on their phone that they like to txt bully.. or they keep their numbers so that other people can have them. Its a cruel world and I dont understand it.
Alex turned 13 a few weekends ago and it was the hardest thing. She hadnt even made it to a teenager yet.
Life goes on though aye.
Thanks for reading.
C ya.