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New Zealand Lisa Lewis' Bikini

I thought there were laws about not being allowed to profit from illegal activities? How is it that Lisa Lewis can do something illegal and then sell her bikini for profit?

Personally I think anyone interrupting an All Blacks test for their own petty reasons deserves public humiliation. I bet if the offender had been a drunken 55-year old fat bald man, that's what he would have got. But Lisa flops her ex-stripper body around and everyone's all ga-ga. She merits a first-segment slot on the 6 o'clock news, the Herald talks her up as if she's a minor celebrity and even Rove McManus gives her an interview.

What a shocking precedent this sets. Now every other flaky bimbo in the country is going to try their hand at copycat misdemeanours.

BTW Lisa, after your escapades it's a bit rich complaining that your past has been put in the public spotlight. If you want to keep your past private, don't seek any more publicity. Then you and me will both be happy
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