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Dave Trainmore
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The Randi Paradox

Dear Dave,
Try this on for size. The Randi's of this world, aren't skeptics at all. They are ideologues. When does a prophecy become participant fulfillment?
Nostradamus spoke of a man he called "the Gaul" who would lead France three times. Short list, since it's only happened once in the last millenia. But, wait!! Would Randi and his ilk admit it? Never, never, and never. Of course, La Grande Charles, only got there, De Gaulle, for the Gaul, by participant fulfillment action which he took on himself. Charles de Gaulle fulfilled this prophecy of Nosty, precisely, but only by participant fulfillment, since he and the frogs around him knew of it, all along. Oh well!! Would la Grande Charles, have bowed out, and did his time in the wilderness, between the fourth and fifth Republics of France, it he didn't have some faith in the old Nosty predictions of three dances?? Whether Allison Dubois is all she's cracked up to be, or not, participant fulfillment raises it's ugly head, but a real skeptic, would try to test at a double blind level, rather than simply debunk anything and everything.
Simple dowsing, by recruiting 400 to 500 folks at random, and finding the one or two natural doers, who could twist the bark off of a willow twig, at the first go, would blow all the Randi's out of the water. Why has he never got around to doing this??
When I was introduced to dowsing, I didn't believe in it either, but after the bark came off a green twig in my hands, I had to open my eyes, that my professors at WSU, were wrong, in saying it never worked. The more you try to grasp the twig, when over a real fast flow of water, the more violent the reaction becomes. Incidently, the gent who showed me the 'Art', growled that if it had been a dry twig, I would have lost all the hide off of my palms, instead of the bark coming off, first.
From what I've read of James Randi, he disconnects a fulfilled prophecy, due to this participant fulfillment circuit breaker, but Charles de Gaulle, did fulfill the prophecy of leading France three times in his life, and that's both historical fact and virtually impossible to accomplish by participant fulfillment, say, by buying your way through it. Did "the gaul" create Adolf Hitler, just so he could lead the Free French from England, during WWII??
Every prediction of Allison Dubois, falls into this paradox. At some point, the people on the inside, realize they are walking down a predetermined path. Just my ramblings, but being aware of the paradox is really the first step to mastering this paranormal genre. Mr. Caron, can't deviate too far from this and remain believable, in my mind.