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loved mountan rock

hi all

i loved mountain audience and performer.
the whole feel of the thng was great....met you all...., plus the bands...various creatures too..

First one i performed at was MR2, in vas defren.s stage 2.... crazy gig...crazy band......always fun and never a dull moment with those guys.

MR 1996, was good for me..and the ne i still have most info on.i had two bands there....Quiet Earth ( a fact here, that band 's front man singer was cohen holloaway...the well known comedian and soon to be famous actor about town ) and my cowpunk band, Cucumber....both bands did very well on 2nd stage... but i was rather surprized (with Cucumber ) how well Bullfrog blues (rory gallagher) & still alive and well ( rick deringer).....they went down a bit disproportionally well...maybe it was just the that we'd gathered the crowd by that time...i fund it strange too the bikers seemed to know my original harley davidson man song ... ditto with the "yeah ha" song.... very loud on stage....I was very lucky and had who i consider one of the best guitarists i'd ever my roadie..Phil Doherity... geat guy.

Daniel herlihy i saw most that say...him being the boss an all of stage 2.
It was good both Paul lloyd and Nick Madden were there...both had worked with my previous bands in the studio....Nick too by the way.....did sound the previous year MR, for my Little Creatures band.......he'd had the privalage that time of travelling up squashed into the back of Holden VL GTS.... (what a car at the time )... he remained alive enough to mix the sound ... by the way, Cohen Holloway was the front man for that band too

That MR3 for LC was funny for me... i had left my bass behind...thanks Danial (Michelle Cole's ???'s son ) for lending me his ibanez silver series i think it is........nice bass thanks dude if you're out there .

have good video footage of that gig.... that gig also had Kevin was him that inspired me to get Cucumber together...and do something with that band...funny that we play the same songs..... but i already had the Strat and firebird hahahaha

good memories.

If any need to contact me am