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hello david owen

I googled Tokanui Hospital this evening and was checking out all the thingies i found and came upon your web site. I enjoyed your stories and wish they were longer.
I remember you, you had long hair and were decent to patients. I was asked by John graham to write a my memories of psychology at Tokanui cos I worked there from 78 to 94 as a psychologist, and it's made me cast my mind back to those days.
They were strange days. A male friend who trained as anurse at Kingseat in 74-75 said to me recently "It was insane, there I was at 21 in charge of a ward of 45 men, having to get them up."
It was insane, good at times and horrid at times. I'd be interested to read more of your reminisinces (?sp) if you ever get round to them, and have bookmarked your site.
I'm amazed your mum is still going, I used to get the kids of solo mum patients of my to go to her holiday programme years ago. She was lovely
Anyway, take care, regards Corinne