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Shaelie Kreymborg
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Mountain Rock Memories

O my the memories come flooding back mudslidding, the rain song the making of history, I was logging into my myspace page and noticed Peter Garrett's Tips on ozzy gardening so I clicked in for a look, started pondering the Mountain Rock Festivals,. typed in Paul Campbell into search have been wondering for years where he went and how come I havn't spotted him and or Michelle my fave friend from Palmy North somewea in the last 10 years or so,.. Minnesota,. that xplains Y,.yea Paul doit again make a mountain ROCK again, I'm still a groupie only a more professional groupie these days building a musician/gig photography service partially for profit (read survival) partially to dedicatedly record another 10/20/30,... 50???? years of NZ music history,. I didn't have a camera @ Mountain Rock if I had I would have surly been side of stage capturing,. it's my favourit thing,
have a look @ my space page and Paul if you read this post I'd love to hear from you and maybe find Shel she so knew how to rock a party
my email addys or
Take care out there everybody and thankyou for the amazing and inspirational experience of Mountain Rock, may the legend live forever!