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Post My New Blog

My first blog was in 1997. Being quite comfortable with self-congratulation, I now like to boast about how I was blogging years before the term was invented.

Sadly, despite my early enthusiasm for this new genre, my foresight failed me and I didn't expect blogging to become such a big hit. It was yet another "if only" scenario for me - if only I had kept up my original blogging I could now have the lengthiest New Zealand blog on the net. Although some people might say that having the best blog would be a more appropriate goal, I like to keep my goals realistic.

Blogging in the nineties turned out to be too much effort and I fell by the wayside. I was too preoccupied with our other websites (and life in general) to worry about I added the odd snippet here and there to the My Five Cents section but basically this house was neglected for a long time.

Anyway, now that I've finally upgraded my tired old guestbook to a vBulletin forum I can use it to blog. I figure I need to be able to write and post a blog entry within the space of a TV ad break, and with a proper forum I can do it.

Whether or not I will do it remains to be seen. Watch this space.
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