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Just a quick hello from a fellow Kiwi...

Hi Dave,

I read your post regarding the guy who asked for help with his logo and am glad you spoke up him about having nothing to do with NZ (although he seemed to ignore what you said). I'm rather protective of it (NZ) myself, in fact I wouldn't even tell people about it when I was younger because I feared they would all go there and ruin it (over population, over development etc- you know, what almost happened or what some would say did happen to Hawaii). I was born in Auckland in the mid sixties. My wonderful husband and I plan to go together one day in the semi-near future (I feel I was saving my special 'return home' until he could join me)- we may even retire there when he finishes with the USAF. Just fyi, we have a sweet baby boy who is exactly one week younger than your precious baby girl.

How did I end up on the logo page? I started a small business here in the US (with Kiwi and part of the name) and will use a simple solid black drawing of a kiwi as my logo. As a born NZlander, I feel most entitled to do so. I read some of your page about your parents and they seem really sweet. Maybe my husband and I will get to meet up with you and your wife/girlfriend(?) one day.

Well, I didn't mean to ramble.

Cheers and TTFN,