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Action NOW

This topic ( the abuse of good men (Fathers) under the current draconian laws).
I am mainly interested in Action rather then blogging and talking...although I believe it's good to to talk, but action is more effective policy in bringing this issue to light...
Due to the importance of this issue and the pain that this issue is causing for good people we should take certain steps to get organized , create some sort of lobby , reach out to all Kiwis regardless of their gender, Protest with large numbers of protesters. this issue would at some point or another would have an impact of NZ families, thats why we should be strong, united, and our main goal would be the wellfare of the children, I am sure that we can think of some way to minimize the level of pain and hardship to parties concerned.
Dave, I need to get intouch , I would like to meet with you guys, to talk discuss and see if could come up with some sort of plan or any thing to get things moving ...and moving fast....Please Help.
I have no abuse , or familly violence, I gave her everything anf left for oversease to get break....came backto NZ..found protection order ...and I can not c my kids...I've contacted a lawyer ..she said it would take months befor I can have access to my kids...tell me what to do....