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Originally Posted by Emry
that's my bit for Alison, who I count as one of my friends.
I think that sums up your post nicely.

If anyone really cares to research "the records of all the tests that have been carried out on her" they will find some interesting things. For example, do a search for "Dr. Gary Schwartz" (whose studies have endorsed Allison).

I am all in favour of scientific tests. Let's see some. Can you quote any published paper from a respectable source which supports Allison's validity as a psychic? Can you explain why she has not applied for the JREF foundation's million-dollar prize? (To qualify she would only need to take a simple test). Can you explain why no psychic has ever been able to prove their skills using independently-verified, peer-reviewed methods?

I would like to take up your suggestion of calling some law-enforcement agencies and asking their opinion of Allison. Do you have any recommendations of people I should ask for? I'm a fair person and if I can find genuine support I will be happy to acknowledge it.

Now, regarding other crime-busting psychics/mediums....

We have a TV program running here at the moment which purports to show psychics revealing startling new information about murder cases every week. With the incredible information these people are supplying, can anyone explain why not one single case has been solved (or even advanced significantly)?

If psychics are able to sit and talk to murdered people (as they claim they are doing), why don't they just ask "Who murdered you and where can I find evidence we can use in court?" Why all the beating around the bush? Why the theatrics? Why not just get the facts and hand them over to the police?

Courts won't care who supplied the information which led to discovering the evidence. If the evidence is there it will speak for itself.

If Allison DuBois (or any other psychic) could do half of what they claim, there would be no doubt about their abilities. Allison should be able to routinely close unsolved murder cases to the satisfaction of people like me. If Allison DuBois is genuine, she should have a long list of indisputable success stories. Where are they?
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