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By the way, for anyone gullible enough to believe that the Medium series is based on the life of a real working medium, you might like to visit and search for "Allison DuBois". The real Allison DuBois has no record of working criminal cases for the police (at least not that I could find, even on her own website), and actually has an appalling record as a psychic.

Bill Fitzgerald is spokesman for The North Phoenix County Attorney's Office, where Allison is supposed to have worked. He says Allison DuBois occasionally worked for them unpaid for such things as -- wait for it -- jury selection!! Not quite the image that the series is portraying!

The following article is also of interest. It's by Clint Van Zandt, former FBI Profiler, who explains why psychics only work for the police on TV and not in real life:
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