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Dear Skeptic

I do not know where you are getting your information from, but anyone with an ounce of research savvy can find the information you presently factually as not existing. You may not believe in mediums and thats fine, alot of people don't.

The series is of course LOOSELY based around Alison's life, after all although being a medium isn't exactly normal, tyhey have to jazz it up to a point - its not a documentary - its TV Entertainment. Duh!

Alison's main role at the attorney's office was jury selection and she is certainly portrayed that way in the series. Mediums have worked with law enforcement agencies for many years and I would be surprised to find any that will actually admit it. Utilising a medium can help a case immensely but the prosecutions case would be thrown out at the slightest hint of the involvement of such a person. Something that is addressed often throughout the series.

I am very interested to know where you get the so-called appalling record as a psychic information from.

Again anyone able to type in can find the records of all the tests that have been carried out on her and her family by reputable doctors and psychologists throughout the United States. Call some of the law enforcement agencies in her area - they will confirm for you what she is capable of and what she has done.

There, that's my bit for Alison, who I count as one of my friends.