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Thumbs down tHe sKoOlS UsLeSs

I KnOw tHaT TeAcHeRS tRY ThEiR HaRdEst To tEaCh bUt MoSt tEaChErS jUsT CaNnOt hAnDlE Us. We RuLe ThE SkOol..ItS A BaD THiNg noT A GoOd 1 eItHer..TeAcHeRs DoNt rEaLlY TeAcH uS I ThInK ThaT ThEY JuSt dOnT CaRE..
wE CaN Do WhAt EvEr wE WaNt wEnEvEr wE WaNt..
THE SCHOOL CANNOT HANDLE US!! StDeNtS SmOkE WeEd SmOkE tAbBaCo GeT DrUuNK I MeAn hoW UsLeEs Is ThAT??? iTs bAsIcLi AhL The mAoRiS..No oFfEnC I Am 1... wE B BaD An dNt gEt In2 tRUbL 4 It.. We dOnT LiStEn aNd qUiEt FaNkLeY WedOnT GIvE A F***