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I can't comment on the specific Nostradamus case you refer to because I don't know about it. What I do know about Nostradamus is that his predictions are so vague and open to interpretation, they are effectively meaningless. How many times have we heard that an event is about to happen which will fulfill a Nostradamus prophecy? I heard my first one when I was about 8 and I still hear them regularly. When these dates pass without incident, it's forgotten and we get ready for the next one. Very boring.

On the face of it, a prediction that someone will lead France three times doesn't sound too startling. If he had unambiguously predicted many such outcomes with a very low margin of error, that would be something to consider. In the meantime I don't see anything to get excited about.

As for the idea of double-blind tests, that's what Randi "and his ilk" are all in favour of. I've seen him suggest such things many times but those on the other side find convenient excuses not to participate. I say bring it on - let's test dowsing in a scientific manner.

If you are confident in dowsing, here's my suggestion:

(1) Contact the JREF Foundation and clarify the conditions for a scientific test.
(2) Do the test.
(3) Enjoy your million dollars.

It's not hard. If you have any problem with any part of this process, report it here.
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