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Post Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and give a quick update on my activities.

As you can see I haven't given my blog much attention recently. I've been completely tied up trying to get my retirement plan into place. Throughout 2007 I still need to be working on making more money from my websites so I can retire before my father (November 2008).

Retirement means different things to different people. I'm often asked why I would want to retire and what I would do with my time. People say "I'd hate to retire - I'd be so bored".

I feel sorry for people so bereft of imagination that they think retirement would be boring. I need to retire because working gets in the way of what I want to do. For me it's a case of what I leave off my to-do list rather than worrying about what I would put on it.

Anyway, I do hope to blog a bit more this year but we'll see how it goes.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2007.
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