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you #### make me sick

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I am appalled the justice system tolerates and supports so many of these flaky "crimes against women" trials, just to appear PC to the media. Most of these so called put-upon-women enjoy no standing in the community and so are quite willing to use the establishment to cynically tarnish other peoples reputation. I think most people in the street, still in command of a working brain, will see their actions as either revenge or benefit motivated and fortunately jury's still reflect the public view. My feeling is, legal action should be taken against these litigants for their vexatious actions.
Because men such as the above are idiots, and do not understand what it is to be the weaker, sexually vunerable sex, who can be the victim of sexual violation at any time that a male choses, they will never understand how women feel. Women do NOT report rape for fame: that is the most incredulous, infuriating statement I have ever heard. This post is so ridiculous it barely deserves a comment, but I am sick of this chauvenistic #### that men have to say. Many women are the victims of sexual abuse and rape, and I commend those who are BRAVE enough to stand up for themselves, and put themselves out there, where they are often shunned and labled as liars, as what happened to Louise Nicholas. I was have been the victim of rape twice, once at fourteen and once at seventeen, both times the perpetrators were friends I knew and trusted. I never went to the police, purely because I was afraid of being in the same position of making people have to choose to believe them or me. We all know how that usually turns out. Rape is the hardest crime to prove, and the most damaging to its victims. What happened to me remains with me EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is with me when I have intercourse with my partner, when there is violence against women on tv, and it is with me when #### like some of those on this blog decide to comment on something that they have no #### clue about, and never will. Perhaps you should get yourselves arrested so that you can have a stay in prison, and then you might know what it is like to live with the sort of fear and vunerability that many women live with everyday.