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Angry ALso disgusted

I entirely agree with what you have said. Many women are sick to death of that kind of ignorant bull**** that women merely try to ruin the reputations of ridiculous!!! Why the hell would they go thru all that for that reason...that is just stupid!!. If Louise's case had no merit the case would not have even been took the Police two yrs of investigating to come up with what they thought would be enough evidence to pursue this case but unfortunately it was not enough to convict those scum bags. It does not mean they were innocent of the charges only that the Jury was not able to come to agree it was beyond doubt given what evidence they had. It took the Jury 27 hours to come to that conclusion so why the hell would it take that long for them to decide if it was as open and shut as some men spout off. The Police do not go ahead and charge someone without believing they have the evidence to take it further, I mean why the hell would they. Her original complaints in 1993 was slept under the carpet by Dewar who has now been convicted of perverting the course of justice, for treating Louise so badly and for not following up her complaint....HELLOOO you silly men out there....dahhhh there must have been sufficient evidence to convict him on those charges!!!! He was just as guilty as those other jerks only they got off...shame.

BOGMAILER : how the hell would you know what the public view is.. have you asked everyone's opinion on this....NO.!! That jury was only a very small minority and did not in any way reflect 'public view'. It was those thugs that used the so called establishment and their positions to abuse Loiuse from a very early age I might add (she was 13 when the abuse started!!!!!) !!!! Last I heard having sex with a minor was against the law...the only injustice done was that the Jury was unable to find them guilty. God some men just amaze me.