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Adam from Hamilton
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New Zealand Why Judge

As you know Lisa Lewis is a human being like the rest,Who gave YOU the right to judge others for there actions,Now the person that is complaining should take a good look at there reason they are being a instigator to destroy other peoples name due to run partly naked across a field,I have seen Lisa in Action as a professional stripper and dancer and shes a good person to talk with as well,The old saying if you got it then flaunt it....Here ask your self this question "complainer" Do you like Lisa,Has she at some time did some thing to offend you or is it you fancy her!!!

Ask your self that, Im sure if you look deep inside your self.Also announcing that you would dare bring personal info on people on to the net as a threat I would consider you to be dangerous and Im sure the Privacy Act would cover Lisa Lewis private life....

So just move on and stop being a pain.