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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Not sure what your point is here. I do know that my websites get most of their traffic via search engines, so I expected to get visitors who search for your name. Are you saying that this gives you more publicity? If so, I disagree because I'm not actually making any more people search for your name - I'm only providing a landing point for those who are already searching.

BTW, I also know that most people who have been thrust into the news search for their own name to see what people are saying about them. Many people I talk about in my blog read my comments, which is good - it gives them a fair chance to reply.

Not sure what your point is here either.

Happiness is good. Please just don't try making yourself happy by doing selfish things that annoy other people - that's not good.
Your an idiot dave she isnt causing any one trouble so get over it and get a life!
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