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Rocking memories and Poster Dreams...

Originally Posted by Paul Campbell View Post
HI to everyone from those days..
Gidday Paul... and all you other Mountain Rockers...

I recall those days well... I was cutting my teeth as a typesetter and graphic designer when MR2 was running, and was privileged enough to be part of the company who did all the passes, tickets, posters and stuff for MR3 & MR4... They were glorious days!

In fact, I still have a mint condition MR3 1994 Limited Edition poster! (Labelled #50 of 500... but in reality only 200 Ltd Ed posters were ever produced, so it's really #50 of 200!)

Was actually thinking I might put the poster up for sale on TM or something... it's great to have, but right now the $$$'s are needed more.

Somewhere, I even still have my MR3 Backstage VIP pass! (But I'm keeping that forever!)

If anyomne is interested in the poster, feel free to email me via my website: www.teknofile.co.nz...

Rock on!

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