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I can relate

Dave you have an interesting and articulate perspective on your life and I appreciate that. I a kiwi living in San Francisco CA and was working on a DVD of a recent visit from my nephews in Auckland and was looking for some pic to include and came across your site.

I got to appreciate your position in life. Mate, kinda odd but in a small way I felt I got to know a little of you and as a result wanted to leave a message.

All the very best in life you have a sound head on your shoulders and you have managed to pass on some of your wisdom to a kiwi abroad and for that I thank you.

cheers mate. Kia Ora.

PS: Didnt find the pic I wanted to use but what the f**k, it was worth it.
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Kia Ora Lance. Sorry I couldn't supply the pics you were after but thanks for wasting a bit of time here! Thanks also for your comments - I try my best to leave a bit of my personality floating in cyberspace for all to see. I suppose it's my stab at immortality.
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